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Site Make good    -   CROWN FORKLIFTS

Eversafe Industries were contacted by Crown Forklifts to provide costings for the make good/ defit of one of their old sites in Wetherill Park Sydney. The works were to involve core holing and removing all dynabolts, refilling with epoxy, diamond grinding and preparing surface, repairing holes and cracks in floor and coating with epoxy resin. There was 1800 dynabolts and 1,500m2 of area to be completed.

Eversafe Industriesthe epoxy flooring Sydney experts were engaged to undertake the works on the site in a short time frame to ensure the owners had the site available for the new tenants.

Initially we commenced removing the dynabolts in the first factory via core hole drilling over the top of the bolts with a 30-35mm diamond core hole driller. Once you reach the depth of the dynabolt it can be removed and lifted free, the holes are then vacuum cleaned and left to dry for 2-3 days prior to refilling with an epoxy. The purpose of this is to stop the steel bolts rusting and further damaging the concrete surface, and if in the future another bolt needs to be drilled in that location there’s no existing bolt obstructing. The epoxy cures and sets like the concrete, perfect for filling holes and cracks in the surface.

The entire area was then diamond ground to remove the contaminated acid etched concrete back to clean concrete, without this the epoxy coating would not adhere to the surface and fail in the future.
To complete preparation the entire area was vacuum cleaned of all dust and debris.

An initial primer coating of MEGAPOXY 132  2 part epoxy resin was installed to bond and seal the surface, this cures overnight ready for further works the following day. The floors were in bad condition with lots of holes, cracks and broken edges throughout; to repair these we skimmed and repaired the surface with an epoxy repair paste. This allows us to hide the years of wear and tear and produce a new flat surface, the epoxy is perfect as it bonds to the primer and sets to 80mpa when cured so won’t fall out of break off over time.

To remove any lumps or dags left during the repair stage the floor was then lightly diamond ground with 120 grade diamonds to clean the surface, epoxy has a habit of dropping in lumps etc. during repairs and you don’t see them till you final coat so grinding in between removes these unsightly lumps.

The surface is then vacuum cleaned till dust and debris free and ready for its final coating. The next layer was installed via 500mm wide 10mm nap rollers with non slip aggregates added in the roller door and door entry points throughout the facility. This allows the epoxy to be non slip in case water comes off trucks and forklifts in the entry areas. OHS is an important consideration when considering any floor.

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