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Polished Concrete Floors in Sydney

Eversafe Industries has completed a few main showroom areas for Harvey Norman/Domayne in the Kitchen/ Bathroom renovation sections of the complex. The Polished concrete Sydney experts were engaged to remove the adhesive/glue from the old carpet and then polish the concrete throughout the walkways in the showroom. The floor required a sealer which sat on the surface not penetrated so as to hide the holes and imperfections in the floor.

The client was very impressed with the outcome, after the fit out the floors complimented the new layout and fittings.


Polished concrete is a popular effect that many high end houses and hotels are having installed in their premises, it’s easy to maintain and enhances the natural effect of concrete and its variations in laying and mixing. Eversafe Industries the polished concrete Sydney specialist can turn your ordinary plain grey concrete into high end visually appealing floors that everyone will enjoy.

The process of polishing concrete can be broken down into 2 stages, the exposing or initial stages of the grinding process which brings out the stones and colours in the floor to the Polishing of the surface to produce the flawless shine and appeal.

During the initial consultation the desired exposure of the aggregate/stones in the surface is the main cost associated with concrete polishing, the more stones that are desired the more passes required over the surface with different grade of diamonds.

Once the surface has been “opened up” to expose the surface the diamonds need to be changed to finer diamonds to remove the scratches left by the bigger diamonds. These are called metal bonded segments for the initial stages, usually starting at 25-30 grades then 45-50 to 80 then 120 grades to full remove the fine scratches.

This type of concrete polishing can be done with either Wet or Dry grinding depending upon the contractors choice and site conditions. Wet grinding creates a lot of slurry and can be very dirty and cover things, in any new homes if possible grinding prior to walls going up or wall linings is highly regarded. Dry grinding is less messy however can take more time

Once the floor is exposed to the desired amount the choices are for a penetrating sealer or a coating to the surface. Each has their benefits and it’s a personal choice. Penetrating sealers work by crystalizing the surface with impregnator’s which react with the concrete substrate and seal it from oils, water and wine from staining. Coatings sit on the surface and adhere to the top, these require less grinding as the sealer/coating does the shining instead of using diamonds with penetrating sealers.

If a penetrating sealer is chosen then this is applied between the “opening “of the surface and the polishing. This will start the sealing process and allow the surface to be polished. The machinery then changes to Resin Bonded polishing pads which will remove fine scratches and then start to shine the floor as the segments get higher in grade. Once you start with 400 grade segments a shine will start to appear on the surface, followed by 800, 1500 and then 3000 grade your floor is a mirror like appearance.

Concrete polishing is a great finish which is long lasting and cost affective to other floor finishes, it will enhance your premises and be a highlight throughout.

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