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Flooring Options - 

Non slip flooring | health and safety flooring | Seamless Flooring

There are different options available and the best option will depend on many factors.

It might be non slip flooring, health and safety flooring. Or a floor that can tolerate different temperatures.

Different types of materials are used depending on the exposures the floor will have. We as experts will guide you to the most suitable installation.

Some considerations:

  • Temperature - Is the surface exposed to hot water, fats, steam, cleaning, radiating heat from cooking and heating equipment?
  • Impact Resistant - What type of machinery/environment it will be eposed to? What objects are used in the area? 
  • Chemical Resistance - Which chemicals may be present in the area. This may break down the material causing failure
  • Timeframe for Works - How long before you need to reuse the floor? Different materials have varying curing times before safe use.
  • Floor Preparation Required - Is it a smooth surface or textured? Will it require diamond grinding

Types of Flooring Solutions

  • Epoxy Flooring - A cost effective long term option which provides a visually appealing and light fresh finish. Ideal for Commercial flooring and Industrial flooring. Suitable for Hospitality Flooring where no high temperatures are. Cures overnight for normal operations Withstands most chemicals within specified timeframe
  • Polyurethane Resins - Higher temperature and impact resistance. Used in high wear areas, Food Standard with non slip additives to produce textured finish. Cure overnight for normal operations
  • MMA Resins - Fast curing but smelly odour material that has 30 min turnaround time for traffic. Good chemical resistance
  • Polyester / Vinylester - Hard wearing high temperature resistance and fast cure time. Good chemical resistance


Types of Flooring Applications


  • 0.5-1mm Roll coat system - Ideal for warehousing, storage, processing plants. A roll coat system which provides good protection of the substrate. It offers less impact resistance then the 3mm - 8mm application. It seals the floor making it easy to clean. Non slip flooring can achieved if a non slip floor treatment included
  • 2. 3mm application - Ideal for Coolrooms, Food Production, Commercial Kitchens and Processing plants. This system is for heavier impact areas, higher chemical resistance due to thickness. It is a longer term option then the roll coat system
  • 6-8mm Application - Suitable for heavy equipment and machinery workshops, Commercial Kitchens. Also toppings to uneven surfaces. High Impact and hard wearing topping with a longer term view. Higher temperature and chemical exposure


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