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Industrial Flooring Sydney


- 4200m2 floor area 3 stages

L W RIED contacted Eversafe regarding their cracking and expansion joint issues throughout the warehouse facility.

The floors were inspected and the client was advised to underpin the concrete slabs to stop the rocking and cracking, the expansion joints were treated with a flexible grade epoxy resin for a smooth transition for the small wheeled forklifts. While we were completing the works the client requested a cost summary for coating the entire floor area to reduce dust, the options were discussed and the need for a long term option resulted in an epoxy flooring system being advised.

Over the coming Christmas shutdown Eversafe completed the 1st stage of the project 1800m2 with floor grinding and coating with EVERSAFE 132 epoxy resin.

The 2nd and 3rd stage of the project 2400m2 were completed when the client increased the facilities warehousing capacity and engaged Eversafe to complete the surface protection as per the original works. The client decided on a clear finish to reflect the light and keep the floor easy to clean and maintain.

These photos show the floor 5 years after the 2nd and 3rd stage of works were completed. Long term options at value for money rates that guarantee OHS&E compliance and minimal disruptions to your business