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- 5800m2 floor area 4 stages

W&S Plastics engaged the expertise of Eversafe to install a long term flooring option to stage 1 of their new production planning 1500m2.

The initial site was an old smash repairer which had heavily worn areas and paint stuck to areas where spray booths were. We proposed to scabble and diamond grind the surface to remove the contaminants and left over paint.

The worn areas were then repaired by epoxy repairs and all the expansion joints were treated with a flexible grade epoxy. The entire area was then coated with EVERSAFE 132 with all holes and cracks repaired prior to final coat. Stage 2,3,4 were a further 4,300m2 of upgrading of their production room floors, over a period of 1 year the entire working area was repaired and recoated without any disruption to production.

The owner of the business has installed our epoxy system at his home office computer room as well.