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Floor Preparation

Concrete grinding, glue removal, concrete floor repair and joint sealing

The first step of any floor application is the preparation. Whether it be concrete grinding, glue removal, concrete floor repair or joint sealing. If the floor is not prepared correctly then the effects will be seen in the final floor application.

We have access to an extensive range of preparation equipment that can handle a job big or small. Our machines have interchangeable discs for different surface preparation requirements. Our expertise, allows us to utilise the correct equipment for the job required. Our aim is less disruption to your operations. 

Concrete Floor Grinding

We can prepare a surface by removing the laitance and weaker top layer. By removing this layer, it will ensure the proper adhesion of the coating system applied. If a floor is not prepared, the application may not adhere or lift from the floor.

Our concrete floor grinding is a dustless process, allowing for minimal disruption. 

Glue Removal

Once existing floor coverings are removed, you a left with the glue on the floor. We can undertake our Glue removal process to ensure this is fully removed from floor. This ensure the next floor covering isn't affected. 


Concrete Floor Repair

It is our priority to ensure any concrete floor repairs are completed before a new floor application. While this process is tedious, it is one of the most important. This will extend the longevity of the new application. We complete concrete floor repairs with our epoxy repair paste. 

Joint Sealing / Expansion Joints

Sealing joints between concrete pavements prevents water leaking below the concrete. Likewise contaminates interfering with the concrete pavement. Water under the concrete weakens and makes the concrete unstable. We can clear out existing joints and replace for longevity of the concrete.


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