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AUDI SERVICE Centre    -   Ichor Constructions

Ichor Constructions were the contractor in control of the fitout and commissioning of the new AUDI Service Centre Zetland. Eversafe Industries were engaged to install the epoxy coatings and line marking to the parking and entry areas throughout the site. The area totalled approx. 3,600m2 of driveway and parking areas as well as a 20mm topping to the entry “PORTAL” area which wasn’t meeting the FFL heights required.



While the site was fully operational with over 50 tradesman onsite Eversafe commenced preparing the surface via diamond grinding to remove any surface sealers and scratch the surface for adhesion. This was completed with a 45-50 grade diamond segments on planetary grinding equipment. The areas given to work upon were then primed with MEGAPOXY 132 epoxy resin to seal the surface and provide adhesion for further coats.

The floor surface which the Head Contractor had delivered was full of holes and gauges and uneven in many places, to improve the finish the entire area had all holes and cracks filled with an epoxy repair paste and sanded flat to produce a flawless finish from a substandard concrete application by industry standards.

 Now we had the floor repaired and ready for completion, the specification called for a R10 slip rating finish so the final coating had a glass bead/aggregate installed to provide the texture required to meet R10. The entire area had a roll coating at 500 microns of MEGAPOXY 132 epoxy resin.

The area where the cars are to unload the floor was 20mm lower to the levels inside the showroom which required topping to remove the unsightly lip; Eversafe advised installing an epoxy mortar topping system with MEGAPOXY 132 HB to relevel the area. This was agreed upon and completed as a variation during the construction period, this topping required 16 tonnes of sand/aggregate and 1000’s of litres of resin. Due to the overnight cure time with epoxy it was the most suitable and cost effective measure.

The final coatings of AUDI RED and Light Grey were installed on the new topping with its flawless flat effect hiding what’s underneath, the client was happy and the builder didn’t lose any time through waiting for concrete to cure.

Now the area required the line marking and numbering of all the parking spots throughout, Eversafe had plastic CNC routered templates made of the required font and set out the arrows and numbers with the contrasting AUDI Dark Grey colour.

Finally to protect the epoxy a coating of HYCHEM 100W was installed, this is a water based epoxy which will protect the epoxy below to maintain its colours and shine.

Since completing the project Eversafe have been onsite while vehicles have come through with flat tyres with the rims rolling over the surface with no effect. The material is a long term option which will look great for decades to come with proper maintenance.