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Flooring Options

There are different types of materials to be used dependent upon the type of exposure the floor/surface is to be exposed to. Eversafe Industries the epoxy flooring sydney experts can guide you to the most suitable installation.

  • 1.TEMPERATURE – Is the surface being exposed to HOT Water, Fats, Steam Cleaning, radiating heat from cooking/heating equipment?
  • 2. IMPACT RESISTANCE – The type of exposure the material will be used for and what type of machinery/environment it will be exposed to daily.
  • 3. Chemical Resistance – The types of exposure the material will be exposed to which can break down the material causing failure
  • 4. TIMFRAME FOR WORKS – Different materials have varying curing/downtimes which allow the material to cure before use.
  • 5. FLOOR PREPERATION REQUIRED – Is it a smooth surface or textured which will require diamond grinding, scabbing or shot blasting


  • 1. EPOXYFLOORING - Cost effective long term option which provides a visually appealing and light fresh finish. Ideal for commercial flooring, Industrial flooring and Food Standard Flooring where no high temperatures are to be exposed. Cure overnight for normal operations
  • 2. POLYURETHANE RESINS – Higher temperature and impact resistance for high wear areas, Food Standard with non -slip additives to produce textured finish. Cure overnight for normal operations
  • 3. MMA RESINS – Fast curing but smelly odour material that has 30 min turnaround time for traffic. Good chemical resistance.
  • 4. POLYESTER/VINYLESTER - Hard wearing high temperature resistance and fast cure time, Good chemical resistance.


  • 1. .5-1mm Roll coat system – ideal for warehousing, storage, processing plants. This is a roll coat system which offers minimal impact resistance and good protection of substrate, seals the floor making it easy to clean. Non slip additives can be added for a texture finish. 5 year warranty
  • 2. 3mm application – These systems are designed for heavier impact areas, higher chemical resistance due to thickness and long term option. Cool Rooms, Food Production, Commercial Kitchens and Processing Plants. 7 year warranty
  • 3. 6-8mm Application – High Impact and wearing topping with a long term view, great temperature and chemical exposure. Suitable for Heavy equipment and machinery workshops, Food Standard Kitchens, toppings to uneven surfaces. 10 year warranty

Trust in choosing a reputable company as Eversafe Industries to select the right environment, exposure and usage of the material to be installed, epoxy flooring sydney experts in the flooring Industry