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Will my epoxy flooring meet the Food Standards?

Afloor needs to be sealed and impervious from bacteria/mould/ yeast and germs from growing, food service and preparation areas have a high level of risk which requires stringent standards are met to ensure consumer safety.

Sydney’s epoxy flooring experts Eversafe Industries can install a long term flooring option which will enhance your premises and meet the food standards required for the sale and/or production of consumable foods.

A tiled surface meets the standards if the grout which is the gaps between the tiles is filled with an epoxy resin grout, tiles have a tendency however to become drummy and waterlogged overtime with the sand/cement substrate a weakness under the tile.
If the surface/floor is concrete then this will encourage and harbour the germs/bacteria/ mould and yeast that the Food Authority Inspectors don’t want to find. Concrete is a porous material with pockets of air encapsulated in the laying process, these holes allowed moulds and bacteria to grow and create unsightly smells and odours.  Concrete sealers will partially seal the surface however they won’t fully seal it off to a suitable standard for Food Production/Sale.

Industrial flooring also can be of Food Standard for the storage in cool rooms and processing facilities holding bulk goods, epoxy flooring Sydney’s experts Eversafe Industries can install all your epoxy flooring requirements