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Will my epoxy flooring be easy to clean?

Afloor installed by epoxy flooring Sydney experts Eversafe Industries will provide a seamless flat surface that won’t harbour or create an environment to which bacteria, germs, yeast and other microbes won’t generate, the material hasan anti-microbial built into the chemical components of the materials.

If the application is a non- slip surface which has aggregates added to the surface this will make cleaning the surface harder and more time consuming. This texture provides pockets for dirt and grit to be captured and stuck between which normal washing and cleaning is harder to remove. Eversafe Industries recommends the use of a rotating scrubbing head machine/ attachment to help remove the grit build up from the epoxy flooring

The epoxy flooring can be steam cleaned for short periods of time, ensuring a cooling period is maintained after cleaning before normal operations to allow material to harden again. Exposure to heat reduces the “hardness” of the epoxy flooring, then once cooled the epoxy resin will harden back to normal again.

If the epoxy flooring surface has no non-slip texture and is smooth, Eversafe Industries recommends ride on scrubbing machines/cleaners using commercial cleaner agents. Periodically the surface should be scrubbed with “water” only to remove any residue left from the cleaning agent. The surface can also be high pressure washed and drying of surface, keeping the jet head 100mm away from surface to not damage the epoxy flooring.