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Welcome to Eversafe Industries – Concrete protection and maintenance experts.

Concrete sealing and Flooring specialist in Sydney

Floor Leveling Sydney

 Eversafe Industries are the epoxy flooring Sydney experts you should consider first when engaging a suitably qualified and experienced contractor.

 During our time setting industry standards in the concrete repair and protective coatings industries since 1980, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure the best solution available is administered to a particular project. Concrete Flooring is a common surface which requires protection and treatments so as not to damage or degrade the surface which leads to ongoing maintenance costs and safety issues.

 Epoxy Flooring is a designer/ industrial look that provide a long term option for a business which wants to ensure a visually appealing surface while reflecting light and protecting the substrate from wear and tear. Ongoing maintenance and recoating overtime will provide decade’s long protection to your valuable investment. This in time will reduce maintenance of the floor saving injuries and costs associated with maintaining a safe facility for your staff.

 The associated cost of epoxy flooring depends upon the type of application to be installed, different types of exposure and wear and tear will determine the application type.

Epoxy Flooring costs range from +$30/m2 for roll coat systems which can have nonslip additives added for wet areas or high traffic areas. Trowel applied Self levelling systems come in 2 options either a 3mm or 6mm topping, the 3mm starts at $55/m2 and the 6mm starts at $80/m2. These rates are adjusted dependent upon size of project to be undertaken.

Epoxy flooring Sydney specialists Eversafe Industries can also install perimeter coving to meet the Food Standards required for Kitchen Flooring, ensuring your business meets the stringent health regulations.

 Eversafe Industries are also the polished concrete Sydney specialist who can transform your normal grey concrete into a highly reflective aggregate exposed finish. The concrete grinding and concrete resurfacing is completed with planetary grinders that Eversafe Industries has in-house, we don’t need to blow your budget with hiring equipment. This involves concrete sealing the surface to ensure no stains or marking occurs after the concrete polishing is completed, these finishes are suitable for residential and commercial flooring options, with minimum maintenance and costs associated with maintaining the surface.

 Contact the epoxy flooring sydney experts today for your free no obligation quote